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Press Release

            Stella B. House, Attorney at Law, P.S.C., a law office based in Manchester, Kentucky, achieved a major win for a client against the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, The Commissioner of Workplace Standards, and OSHA on January 31, 2023.  The aforementioned brought an administrative action against the sole proprietor for alleged violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Law, as administered by the Commonwealth of Kentucky under Kentucky Revised Statute 338.011, et seq. Stella B. House, J.D., represented her client regarding an appeal of the following violations:

29 CFR 1910.212 – inadequate guard on a cutting device known as a “Notcher”, which is characterized as a “serious” violation with an assessed penalty of $3,500.00; and

29 CFR 213(b)(1) – failure to have a cut-off switch on each machine so that the operator could cut off power for each machine without leaving his or her position at the point of operation, which is characterized a “serious” violation with an assessed penalty of $3,500.00;

Stella B. House Secures the Win

On appeal, Stella B. House, Attorney at Law, P.S.C., eliminated $7,000.00 in penalties, when all appealed violations were dismissed by the Hearing Officer after the hearing.

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